Studies Find Strong Support for Skilled Trades Education

Two new studies commissioned by Harbor Freight Tools for Schools (HFTS) examine the state of high school skilled trades education and what American think about it.

Highlighted findings of the studies include:

  • More than 1 million students study skilled trades in high school.
  • Eight in 10 voters favor increased public funding for skilled trades education and think it should be a priority in high school.
  • Eight in 10 parents say their children would be better prepared for the future if they had a chance to study a trade in high school.

Each of the studies was conducted by an independent organization — JFF, a nonprofit that works to drive economic advancement for all Americans, and NORC, a nonpartisan polling organization at the University of Chicago.

According to HTFS, “Our hope was to start productive conversations about the potential of high school skilled trades education to uplift students, families, communities, and our economy.”

Download the studies.


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