WCA Memberships

We offer a number of ways for you or your organization to join the WCA team. Whether you’re an employee or student looking for an Individual Membership, a secondary or post-secondary school interested in our EDUcation Membership, a wood manufacturing company looking to join as a MANufacturing member, or a manufacturer or distributor of woodworking machinery and supplies or other industry stakeholder looking to help support the WCA’s mission, we have an option for you.

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Individual Membership

Students, Teachers, and Employees – Your Passport to the world of WCA credentials

The Individual Membership is for teachers, students, or company employees who want to participate in the WCA certification process as either a candidate or as an evaluator. Students typically join through a WCA EDUcation member school and employees through a WCA MANufacturing member company, although either may also join as an individual not affiliated with a member school or company.

Qualified Individual Members (i.e. teacher) affiliated with an EDUcation member school or MANufacturing member company may also apply to become an Accredited Skill Evaluator (ASE).

Please Note: An Individual Membership simply allows you to join the WCA and participate as a candidate or evaluator, it does not allow the member access to benefits such as a free copy of the standards, training resources, etc. For that, you must be affiliated with an EDUcation member school or MANufacturing member company. Any individual, however, can purchase a copy of the standards in our marketplace.

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$250 (Annual Fee)

EDUcation Membership

For Schools – The first step to credentialing your students

Designed for secondary and post‐secondary woodworking training programs. The EDUcation membership allows your school to begin certifying your students using our nationally recognized tool skill standards. We have a range of certifications and credentialing options for students, from the Sawblade Certificate for shorter programs, to full credentials for more in-depth training programs. Combined with our Essentials Benefits Package, and access to free training resources, the WCA EDUcation will help to elevate your curriculum.

Instructors who are Individual Members affiliated with an EDUcation member school may also apply to become an Accredited Skill Evaluator (ASE).

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$250 (Annual Fee)

MANufacturing Membership

For Companies – The first step to certifying your employees

The WCA MANufacturing membership is designed for forward-thinking wood manufacturing firms to evaluate, recognize, and reward employees. In today’s competitive environment, there is no more important investment than your employees. Offering the WCA credential to your employees is a great way to show them that they are valued and will pay dividends by having safer, more satisfied, productive, and knowledgeable employees. You’ll also enjoy access to free training resources.

Individual Members affiliated with a member company may also apply to become an Accredited Skill Evaluator (ASE).

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$250 or $1000 (Annual Fee)

INDustry Sponsor

For Industry Suppliers – Help support our mission

Allows manufacturers and distributors of woodworking machinery and supplies and other industry stakeholders to support the efforts of the WCA. Your annual sponsorship helps defray the cost of the student credentialing process and passport purchase for students and schools with financial needs and gets your company listed on WCA website as a sponsor.

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