Sawblade Certificate

Designed for High School Students…

Students in most high school woodworking programs don’t accumulate enough class room hours for them to graduate with a Green Credential, which requires a minimum of 800 hours at school or work.
However, we want students in this type of program to have a way of participating in the WCA as well as providing a path to an eventual credential.

To this end, the WCA has created the Sawblade Certificate allows students to participate in the skills testing, and along with an online test, gives them a path

to a certificate recognizing their achievement.  If, in the future, a student who has earned a Sawblade Certificate moves on to work for a WCA member company or attends a member post-secondary school, they can build on what they’ve already donate earn a full Green level credential.

To participate, the student’s school must become an EDUcation™ member and have at least one instructor trained as an Accredited Skill Evaluator (ASE).

How it works…

  • Enroll

    Student purchases an Individual Membership to become a member of the WCA.  Includes 10 free assessment credits.

  • Earn Tool Points

    Earn 10 tool points (2 points for each Level 2 achievement) by being tested on the following five tool operations:

    • Jointer – Edge jointing 1st edge
    • Table Saw – Ripping
    • Table Saw – Edge rabbet/single blade or dado set
    • Portable Hand Sander – Sand solid lumber
    • Drill Press – Drill Holes Completely Thru Material
  • Record Achievement

    Evaluator records successful Tool Point Evaluations in the WCA Registry. Email a list of the student names to, asking for Certificates to WCA officials.

  • Success!

    Certificates made and sent to the Teacher for Award Ceremony. Student receives  Sawblade Certificate, signed by WCA Officer.