Sawblade Certificate

Designed for High School Students…

Students in most high school woodworking programs don’t accumulate enough class room hours for them to graduate with a Green Credential, which requires a minimum of 800 hours at school or work.
However, we want students in this type of program to have a way of participating in the WCA as well as providing a path to an eventual credential.

To this end, the WCA has created the Sawblade Certificate allows students to participate in the skills testing, and along with a written test, gives them a path

to a certificate recognizing their achievement.  If, in the future, a student who has earned a Sawblade Certificate moves on to work for a WCA member company or attends a member post-secondary school, they can build on what they’ve already donate earn a full Green level credential.

To participate, the student’s school must become an EDUcation™ member and have at least one instructor trained as an Accredited Skill Evaluator (ASE).

How it works…

  • Enroll

    Student purchases an Individual Membership to become a member of the WCA.  Includes 10 free assessment credits.

  • Earn Tool Points

    Earn 10 tool points (2 points for each Level 2 achievement) by being tested on the following five tool operations:

    • Jointer – Edge jointing 1st edge
    • Table Saw – Ripping
    • Table Saw – Edge rabbet/single blade or dado set
    • Portable Hand Sander – Sand solid lumber
    • Drill Press – Drill Holes Completely Thru Material
  • Record Achievement

    Evaluator records successful Tool Point Evaluations in the WCA Registry. Email a list of the student names to, asking for Certificates to WCA officials.

  • Success!

    Certificates made and sent to the Teacher for Award Ceremony. Student receives  Sawblade Certificate, signed by WCA Officer.