WCA MANufacturing™ Membership

The WCA MANufacturing™ membership is designed for forward-thinking wood manufacturing firms to evaluate, recognize, and reward employees. The subscription runs for one year from the date of purchase.

In today’s competitive environment, there is no more important investment than your employees. Offering the WCA credential to your employees is a great way to show them that they are valued and will pay dividends by having safer, more satisfied, productive, and knowledgeable employees.

Credentialing Advantages

  • Document the skills of existing employees and evaluate the skills of new employees
  • Identify and target training needs
  • Motivate employees to upgrade their skills and provide a career path
  • Reduce costly employee turnover
  • Create a culture that increases employees pride in their work


  • Annual fee of $250 per company
  • Passport for each Evaluator and participating employee at $55 each
  • Assessment Credits at $5 each

Membership runs from January 1st through December 31st of each year.

Scroll down for more detailed information on the cost structure and other important information…


  • Registration

    Streamlined multi-employee registration process

  • Training

    Exclusive access to employee training materials and regional and national in-service training

  • Promotion

    Use of the WCA logo and brand for promotional purposes and recognition on the WCA website.

  • Evaluator Training

    WCA will train selected employees as in-house Evaluators.

  • Connections

    Networking and peer support

  • Customization

    Optional customization of the program to fit your companies needs including development of new skill standards to match your equipment.

Cost Details

The total cost to become a MANufacturing™ member consists of both one time and recurring costs as outlined below:

  • The annual subscription fee of $250/yr.
  • Passports for in-house evaluators and any employees selected to participate in the program at $55 each. This is a one time cost for each employee that participates in the program.
  • Employees earn Skill Points by being evaluated on tool operations. Each Skill Point costs one Assessment Credit. Each Passport purchase comes with 10 free Assessment Credits.  For example, it costs a total of 30 Assessment Credits to earn a Green Credential.  Minus the 10 free credits, the cost is $100, or $5 each, for the remaining 20 credits per employee. Earning a Blue Credential costs an additional 30 credits at $150, and so on.

The subscription fee is invoiced at the start of each year and the Passport fees are invoiced at the time of enrollment in the program. Assessments credits must be purchased prior to the in-house evaluators testing of employees.


Once your company has become a member, your WCA representative will review training options available for in-house evaluators and determine the most efficient and timely process to meet the companies schedule.  We will also work with the designated In-House Evaluator/Program Administrator to develop an individual pathway to the Green Credential for each enrolled employee.

Skill Standards and Customization

All enrolled Passport holders will be required to pass the BASIC Layout and Measurement assessments for the Tape Measure, the Combination Square and the Calipers. These basic skills are essential for a professional woodworker to succeed in our business. In fact, many companies are starting to use these assessments during the interview process to assess basic skills prior to offering employment.

We can customize the program to your individual needs. This includes the development and vetting of new or updated Skill Standards for your plant machines and operations. The pricing for this will be done on a case by case basis depending on the complexity of the process and number of machines we need to develop standards for.

You may, as a matter of company policy, increase the tolerances on any of the written standards to meet the standards of your company. In consideration of others who have earned and will earn WCA Credentials, we will not certify an operation which has a lower tolerances than written.


Credentials are given to qualified employees only when a WCA Chief Evaluator has verified the evaluations through an external sample audit or on site process review.

The audit procedure will be explained in detail at the time of enrollment, but to briefly summarize, the external audit consists of a random sample of 50 operations which will be observed by the Chief Evaluator (usually over a two-day period) from all the operations approved by the in-house evaluator. The candidates tested must pass 48 of the 50 operations observed for the Chief Evaluator to be able to certify the remaining operations submitted in the audit process. The minimum cost of the audit is $1,500, but this would not come into play unless the candidates failed the audit or you did not have 300 assessments in the overall sampling.