Becoming a WCA Accredited Skill Evaluator (ASE)

If you have an interest in becoming an ASE, simply follow the steps outlined below; please read each of the steps carefully…

If you are an educator, keep in mind that your school must have an up to date EDUcation membership before you can proceed. If you are to be the primary evaluator for your school, you must acquire the EDUcation membership in your name.

If you have any questions along the way, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Apply

    Submit the online Accredited Skills Evaluator application. You will be asked to submit a current resume and supply two references who can attest to your skill set.  Once you are notified that you’ve been accepted as an Evaluator candidate, you will be assigned to a WCA Training Coordinator who will be your primary contact and guide you through the training program.

  • ASE Online Training

    Complete the online ASE Training Course, where you will learn the history of the WCA, how to interpret the standards, how to perform an evaluation, and your responsibilities as an ASE, along with much more.

  • Self Evaluation

    Once you’ve successfully completed part 1 of the ASE online training course, you will perform the measurement operations and arrange to have yourself videotaped performing the five tool operations that makeup the Sawblade Certificate which are submitted to your trainer for evaluation. Once approved, you’ll move to the next step. Click here for detailed instructions

  • Interview

    After completion of the previous steps, your WCA Training Coordinator will setup an online session with you to talk through your application and test results. You will be asked to view a series of videos showing sample evaluations and give your feedback on what you observe. After this interview, you will be notified whether you have been accepted as a WCA Accredited Skill Evaluator.

  • Registry

    Your last task after you’ve been formally accepted as an ASE is to view the instructional videos on the WCA Registry where candidate records are kept. After learning how the Registry works, you’ll be asked to enter your own Sawblade evaluation results in the Registry. Once done, your trainer will designate you as an Evaluator in our system and you’ll be off and running!