ASE Self Evaluation

Now that you’ve passed part 1 of the Evaluator training, it’s time to perform your self evaluation. This requires you to find a helper that can create videos of you enacting the role of a candidate being assessed on each of the Sawblade Certification tool operations at Level 2.  The operations are:

  • Jointer – Edge jointing 1st edge
  • Table Saw – Ripping
  • Table Saw – Edge rabbet/single blade or dado set
  • Portable Hand Sander – Sand solid lumber
  • Drill Press – Drill holes to specified location and depth

Here are the steps:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the assessment forms for each of the above operations. As a reminder, you can obtain the forms on the Evaluator Documents and Forms page of this website.
  2. Perform each of the operations listed above as if you were a candidate being evaluated by a Skill Evaluator. Create a separate video for each of the operations. After performing the operation, take on the role of the Skill Evaluator and verbally assess the product that you created. It is not necessary to film the setup of the operation, such as installing blades, but you should verbally describe what setup steps and tooling choices you made before performing the operation.
  3. As clearly as you can, try to show that the result of the operation met the performance standard; for example, showing the camera that the part is the correct measurement, square, straight, etc…
  4. Each video should be 10 minutes or less.
  5. When all five videos are complete, contact your WCA Training Coordinator for instructions on how and where to upload the videos. Important: The file name of each video should be descriptive and contain your last name.
  6. Your Training Coordinator will setup a meeting with you to discuss the videos after they have had a chance to review them. If the simulated evaluations were satisfactory, you will be approved to move on to Part 2 of your training.