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23 Custom Assessments Created

In support of our INDustry™ members we continue to increase the scope of the Skill Standards and Assessments. We’ve added a number of sanders and shapers to the Standards. We’ve added tenoners and special boring and insertion machines.

The M-List and “Right Skills Now”

This might be a good additional benefit of WCA EDUcation™ membership. Let’s work together to get our schools on the M-List and in the Right Skills Now program when the benefit is real and practical. http://www.themanufacturinginstitute.org/Skills-Certification/M-List/M-List.aspx

Advanced Cabinet Systems Tells the Tale

Click the link below to read how an AWI member firm supports our efforts to grow the woodwork manufacturing industry into the future. CLICK HERE http://www.ourmidland.com/prweb/woodworking-businesses-and-organizations-combat-woodworking-skills-crisis/article_c95bd70e-86f6-5c62-861c-996a7fff39ca.html

Notes on Millennials (twenty-somethings)

•  Over 35 million Baby Boomers will be leaving the workplace in the next 10 to 15 years (U.S. Census) •  The cost of replacing an employee varies from 50% of their annual salary to 400% (SHRM) •  Half of Millennials (twenty-somethings) would rather have no job than a job they don’t like (PEW) •  […]

Sens. Kaine and Portman Support Tech. Ed.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 30, 2014 CONTACT: Sean Lynch 703-683-9312; slynch@acteonline.org ACTE APPLAUDS SENATORS PORTMAN, KAINE ON FORMATION OF CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION CAUCUS Will Serve as a Voice for Career and Technical Education on Capitol Hill ALEXANDRIA, VA –The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) today lauded the bipartisan efforts of U.S. Senators […]

50 Schools Join WCA

2014 has started off with an impressive 50 member schools in the first year of the EDUcation™ division of the Woodwork Career Alliance. They join for both the tangible benefits and the support they get for their programs from vendors, associations, and each other. Check it out here: https://woodworkcareer.org/wca-education-membership/

Jobs and Leaving Home

Because we are getting more and more calls and emails from employers looking for woodworkers, we are seeing this again. There are jobs and there are seekers, but the job seekers either can’t or won’t move. What can we do to help young people take advantage of good job opportunities by leaving their comfort zone?