Notes on Millennials (twenty-somethings)

•  Over 35 million Baby Boomers will be leaving the workplace in the next 10 to 15 years (U.S. Census)

•  The cost of replacing an employee varies from 50% of their annual salary to 400% (SHRM)

•  Half of Millennials (twenty-somethings) would rather have no job than a job they don’t like (PEW)

•  Millennials are five times more likely to quit if they have a poor relationship with their manager (PEW)

•  In 2011, a large wholesaler issued over 40 thousand W2s for only 16 thousand employees. That’s a 2.5 employee turnover in a single year, and the vast majority of them were Millennials. Don’t let your organization go down that expensive road.

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