Microvellum Software’s Adopt-A-School Program Open to WCA EDU Members

Hunter O’Connor, a student at Reed-Custer High School in Braidwood, IL, designs a cabinet using Microvellum Software.

Free access to Microvellum’s Enterprise-level software is now available through the Woodwork Career Alliance’s EDUcation™ Member Benefits package to qualifying schools.

Microvellum, a company specializing in CAD/CAM/CIM technology for the woodworking industry, is partnering with the WCA to offer high school and postsecondary school woodworking programs the opportunity to participate in its Adopt-A-School program, a sponsorship arrangement that helps educational institutions connect with local businesses that use Microvellum Software.

The annual renewable program enables students and teachers with unlimited access to the full power of Microvellum’s AutoCAD-based design, estimating, engineering, and manufacturing software. In addition to the software donation, the Oregon-based company will also supply partnering schools with its level-one student and teacher edition training curriculum, quizzes, and final exams.

David Fairbanks, president and owner of Microvellum. had this to say about the company’s partnership with the WCA, “We are proud to partner with the WCA on such an important mission of education and empowerment. They, along with other industry partners, are helping to equip the future workers in our industry with the knowledge and confidence to succeed.”

Learn more about Microvellum’s Adopt-A-School program, including qualifying criteria.

Other benefits offered to WCA EDUcation members for the 2020-21 year include:

Bessey Tools North America of Cambridge, ON – 40% discount on all clamps;

CabWriter of Easthampton, MA – 75% discount on CabWriter Cabinet Design Software;

Franklin International of Columbus, OH – 2 gallons of Titebond wood glue;

Quickscrews of Livermore, CA – $50 credit toward the purchase of wood screws and fasteners;

Rockler Woodworking & Hardware of Medina, MN – assorted Rockler products;

Stiles University of Grand Rapids, MI – one tuition-free registration annually to WCA EDUcation member instructors;

Taunton Press of Newtown, CT – complimentary digital memberships to FineHomebuilding.com  and FineWoodworking.com; and

Veneer Technologies of Newport, NC – 150 square feet of decorative hardwood veneer.

To learn more about becoming a WCA EDUcation member visit woodworkcareer.org.

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  1. Mark Smith
    Mark Smith says:

    Microvellum has been a great industry partner over the years. They have donated their software to my programs and given technical support. I would encourgage other teachers to use microvellum software and help train our future wood manufcturing specialists.
    Mark Smith
    Reed-Custer High School

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