Microjig Donates Table Saw Safety Device to High School Woodshops

Microjig, a manufacturer of table saw accessories, unveiled its new school donation program at the International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta with the goal of putting two of its GRR-Rippers on every table saw in every woodshop program in the country by 2020.

“Microjig is built on the idea that there is a safer, smarter way for people to work with their hands and build their dreams,” said CEO Bruce Wang. “It’s our goal to end table saw injuries by 2020. We see this new donation program as an essential step toward that, arming the next generation of craftspeople and skilled trade professionals with the tools to empower them to succeed at their passions.”

As part of the new program, Microjig hopes to donate to the 2,714 public high schools with Career Technical Education (CTE) programs that offer construction and woodworking courses.

The GRR-Ripper was developed 15 years ago by Wang in an Orlando, FL, garage. It is meant to replace traditional push sticks with a new generation of woodworking technology. Unlike push sticks, which leave exposed hands and can lead to dangerous kickback, Microjig says the GRR-Ripper provides precision, safety and control for users while working with a table saw.

Each GRR-Ripper retails for $59, so with this donation program, MICROJIG aims to donate more than $325,000 to public schools across the country.

Click here to apply for two free GRR-Rippers. As part of the program, Microjig will also offer 50 percent off for all public schools interested in adding other company products or additional GRR-Rippers.

For more information about MICROJIG, visit microjig.com.

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