Experience VR Wood Machining & Finishing in Las Vegas

Attendees of the AWFS Fair can give virtual reality training
tools a whirl at the Woodwork Career Alliance’s booth.


Nellysford, VA – Woodworkers attending the AWFS Fair in Las Vegas will have the opportunity to size wood parts dust-free and finish parts without over spray at the Woodwork Career Alliance of North America’s (WCA) booth 10268.

Through special arrangement with Mimbus Inc. of Chicago, the WCA will offer continuous interactive demonstrations of two unique virtual reality training systems: Wood-Ed Table and Simspray.

The Wood-Ed Table is a four-in-one system that can be used to teach students and novices how to operate basic woodworking machinery in a safe, dust-free environment. Visitors to WCA’s booth will have an opportunity to put on a pair of 3D interactive glasses and try out one of the Wood-Ed Table’s four woodworking machinery simulation modules: bandsaw, ripsaw, jointer or shaper.

Simspray is a virtual reality apparatus that replicates a spray booth allowing trainees to learn the fundamentals of applying a wood coating using a hand-held spray gun. Simspray not only eliminates the cost of finishing materials, it removes VOC emissions from spray operator training programs. Attendees will be able to test their spray skills virtually finishing wood parts at WCA’s booth.

“Virtual reality is a tremendous tool for instructing students and new employees on the safe operation of equipment used in our industry,” said Scott Nelson, president of the WCA. “Young adults and kids are being raised on interactive video games that have a strong VR component. I think training simulators like the ones that will be demonstrated in Las Vegas can help attract more youths into our industry. I encourage educators and woodworking company managers to stop by our booth to see the potential of these systems first-hand.”


About the Woodwork Career Alliance
The Woodwork Career Alliance of North America was founded in 2007 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and is governed by a volunteer board of directors. The WCA’s mission is to develop and administer a unified set of Skill Standards for the wood products industry. Since 2011, WCA has developed observable and measurable performance standards and assessments for more than 240 woodworking machine operations. In addition, WCA has issued more than 2,500 credentials, a portable, personal permanent record documenting each holder’s record of woodworking skill achievements. More than 100 high schools and post-secondary schools throughout North America are WCA EDUcation™ members. To learn more about the WCA and how to get involved with its programs, including sponsorship opportunities, visit