13 – Marketing Copy

Evaluators are not assigned to a specific market area/region. Candidates requesting evaluation via the WCA web site using ZIP code search will be directed to Evaluators in their area, but may choose to work with any Accredited Skill Evaluator in the WCA family.

Evaluators may, on their own, canvass their market area for opportunities and may encourage candidates to apply for a Passport and request evaluations from the WCA by enrolling at the WCA website.

When the need for evaluations outstrips or overwhelms an existing Evaluator, s/he may be assigned a smaller market area and/or additional Evaluator(s) may be added to meet the demand.

Evaluators are independent contractors and, as such, set their own fees, reimbursement, hours, and availability. The preparation for and execution of Skill evaluations will vary from place to place. Such time as is necessary to carry out the prescribed steps set forth in the training will be required. Typical operation evaluations take between 10-30 minutes, assuming that the site and the tool/machine is ready.