11 – Notification Process Copy

A section of the WCA website will be set up to manage assessment requests and scheduling. An area of the website now permits Candidates to find Accredited Skill Evaluators (ASE) by entering their ZIP code. This ‘store search’ will return a list of Evaluators within a specified radius of that ZIP code. Clicking on the name brings up details about that ASE.

Evaluators will have the ability to manage their calendar online or note that they evaluate by special arrangement or by appointment. The Candidate can contact the ASE of choice to arrange for assessment.

In the event paper/printed assessment form(s) are used, it is the responsibility of the Evaluator to log in to the WCA Registry and post the result to the candidate’s permanent record within 24 hours of the assessment.

When using the electronic iPad app [coming soon], the data is transferred to the permanent record either immediately during the assessment (when connected to the internet via a hot spot), or the next time the digital device is connected. The Evaluator shall ensure this occurs within 24 hours in any event.

NOTIFICATION OF AWARD :: It is vital that Evaluators tell either their Chief or the WCA office when a candidate accumulates enough Points to earn a Credential. Credentials can only be awarded by Accredited Chief Evaluators or the WCA office upon notice and verification of achievements.