08 – Candidate Relations Copy

Evaluators are to take the role of coach rather than the position of an enforcer.

Our role should be to help our candidates succeed and achieve, not to set traps or watch them fail. (There may be instances, when evaluating advanced levels, in which a tool may be intentionally taken out of adjustment to permit the candidate to pass an adjustment-related test.)

The first contact with a Candidate will take the form of a friendly exploration of the goals of the coming assessment(s), the understanding of and comfort level with the Skill Standards to be reviewed, and the assurance that we are working together for success.

An Evaluator will prepare for a session well in advance, both in consideration of the time of the Candidate as well as to show the high level of professionalism we expect of our team. Advanced preparation results in a smoothly executed evaluation session.

As the session begins, continue to support the Candidate with the understanding that an Evaluator can not conduct training to achieve the Level, nor shall the Evaluator give direct hints to the Candidate on how to complete the operation successfully.