05 – Scheduling an Evaluation Copy

If a candidate contacts the WCA to request an assessment, an Evaluator close to the candidate will be identified. If that Evaluator is you, you must decide to accept or decline the invitation.

When you decline you shall notify the Candidate within 24 hours, including your Accredited Chief Evaluator so other arrangements can be made.

When you accept you must contact the Candidate and/or the supervisor of the facility used for the assessments as soon as possible to make an appointment.

Evaluators should select a time which causes minimal disruption to the ordinary routines of the shop/school. If multiple assessments are required, work with the Candidate/s and facility provider to streamline the process.

Multiple assessments (either for several Candidates on the same or similar process, or a single Candidate for several processes) increases the efficiency and benefit to the Candidate and employer and is generally desirable since it reduces the logistical preparation. For example, it takes as much preparation to test one individual as it does for 5 or more.

Educators and supervisors in industry will naturally conduct in-house assessments and scheduling according to their own needs.