Historically, the woodworking industry, unlike most other trades, did not have a certification or credentialing process for employees. A credential provides a way for professional woodworkers to distinguish themselves as well as provide a vehicle with which to document their skills and prove what they know. If the credential is recognized and respected by industry, it can lead to more recognition and compensation as the individual grows his or her skills. Most importantly, it’s a visible symbol of achievement that a woodworker can be proud of.

The WCA Credential does just that.  Developed in collaboration with both industry and education, it uses observable, measurable Skill Standards to evaluate an employee’s skills.  To participate in the program, a candidate purchases a $55 Passport, which enters the candidate into the system, and is also a tangible representation of their achievements, skills, and knowledge as they work through the credential levels. Employers value a person who has shown dedication to our trade, and a credential allows employees to celebrate and take pride in their experience as a woodworking professional.

Any employee can join the WCA as an individual by purchasing a Passport and seeking out an Accredited Skill Evaluator (ASE) to evaluate them.  Alternatively, if their company is a WCA MANufacturing ™ member, they may be able to get their Passport through the company and be evaluated by an in-house ASE.  Independent ASE’s may be available from a nearby WCA accredited EDUcation™ institution, or another company with an ASE on staff.

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