WCA Passport

Everyone starts by enrolling and getting their WCA Passport, a portable, personal, permanent record of their achievements as a professional — a “Passport” to career success.

  • The Passport is a portable credential for individuals in the woodwork industry to quantify and qualify their ability to operate woodwork tools properly and safely to create high quality wood products. Certificates are not tied to specific occupations or jobs. Rather, the Skill Standards empower employers to select the tools and tool operation levels relevant to their jobs or training needs.
  • A WCA Passport verifies the individual’s tool proficiencies allowing them to “document their skills”. WCA maintains a national database of passport holders and their achievements.
  • Woodworkers receive Tool Points through a performance assessment that is fair, defensible, clear, teachable, observable and measurable. A woodworker’s skills and knowledge are assessed by a WCA Accredited Skill Evaluator who observes the candidate as s/he uses a tool and then inspect the final product, ensuring that the woodworker’s technique and product complies with WCA standards. Skill Evaluators record and submit their evaluations to WCA electronically and issue the appropriate Points in the Woodwork Passport.

Passport card front   Passport Benefits

  • Woodwork Industry benefits by offering a career path in advanced woodwork manufacturing.
  • Employers get a tool for recruiting, training, evaluating, and retaining skilled employees.
  • Educators benefit by having access to guidelines for class planning and industry outcomes.
  • Students thinking about their future, are able to discover a rewarding career and learn what they need to know
    to succeed.
  • Woodworkers benefit by showing knowledge and skill through performance of comprehensive standard operations, and by having a portable credential linked to strong career
  • Every Passport Holder has access to the WCA REGISTRY of his/her personal records.

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