The BASIC Skills ratings must be passed before earning Points on any tool or machine. BASIC Layout and Measurement Skill evaluations are included with the purchase of the Passport at no extra charge. After those are passed, one level assessment credit is needed for each point you wish to earn. For example, to be evaluated on both Level 1 and Level 2 of Table Saw::Ripping, you would use two level assessment credits. Points you earn using credits never expire; they are Lifetime Achievements.
The current fees are:

Single Assessment Credit 1 $5.00
Bundle A – 10 Credits 10 $50.00
Green Credential Tuition 20 $100.00
Blue Credential Tuition 30 $150.00
Red Credential Tuition 60 $300.00
Gold Credential Tuition 60 $300.00
Diamond Credential Tuition 60 $300.00
Bundle B – 99 Credits 99 $495.00
Bundle C – 120 Credits 120 $600.00

A Student has 24 calendar months (Two Years) to earn the Green Credential after paying Tuition. All other Tuition Credits are transferable and have no expiration date. Your credits are archived in your personal database record. When Points are issued in your name, credits are deducted from your records. You can add credits at any time.

Purchase your credits on your personal database record in the WCA Registry

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