Become a Member

Follow the steps below to enroll in the WCA depending on what type of membership you are interested in…


  • Enroll Your Company

    Visit the WCA Marketplace to purchase your yearly MANufacturing™ subscription for $250/yr.

  • Submit Machinery Requirements

    Provide your WCA representative with electronic floor plan, (pdf format), with machines identified on the plant floor and a machine/tool list (including make & model #s).

  • Generate Training Matrix

    WCA will provide a Machine Training Matrix (excel spreadsheet) with machines and corresponding operations in conjunction with a telephone interview to determine company preferences.

  • Identify Evaluators

    Identify your employees selected to be In-House Evaluators and purchase their Passports.  Download the application form to begin the process.

  • Evaluator Training

    Your WCA representative will review training options available and determine the most efficient and timely process to meet the companies schedule.

  • Enroll Employees

    Upon completion of evaluator training your team needs to determine the pilot group of employees to enroll in the Passport Program. Download and submit the bulk passport form to begin the enrollment process.


  • Enroll Your School

    Visit the WCA Marketplace to purchase your yearly EDUcation™ subscription at a cost of $250/yr.

  • Enjoy the Benefits

    Once your school membership is received, you will receive additional communication on the membership benefits including the Essentials Donation Package.

  • Designate an Accredited Skill Evaluator (ASE)

    At least one instructor must be a Passport holder and train to be and ASE before a school can test and certify students. Purchase here for $55, or if an instructor already owns a Passport, skip to the next step. Passport purchase requires a small digital headshot of yourself (400 x 600 pixels at 180‐300 pixel/inch dpi ‐ jpeg or gif will work).

  • Submit ASE Application

    Click here for a summary of the ASE application and training process.


  • Purchase a Passport

    Purchase your Passport here for $55 which enrolls you in the WCA and allows you to participate in the credentialing program. Students must attend an EDUcation™ member school in order to participate. Employees who work for an INDustry™ member company should check with their employer before purchasing to see if they will have a Passport provided to them.