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in the Woodworking Industry

Connecting Employers and Employees

Industry certificates earned by woodworkers.

It’s difficult to find and keep skilled workers and it’s difficult for woodworkers to show what they know during the interview process. The industry needs a way to recognize skills and reward achievement. WCA meets that need. The Woodwork Passport program leads to professional credentials for woodworkers and a pool of demonstrated talent for employers. CLICK HERE to see the Credentials.

Today we have Assessments for over 240 woodworking operations, the most-performed operations in our industry.  The Woodwork Passport is a portable, personal, permanent record of a woodworker’s achievements. Developed by industry, our simple system for testing skills and recording the results leads to an industry-recognized certificates that stay with an individual throughout their career.

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How It Works

Individuals can participate in the program simply by purchasing a Passport which entitles you to have your woodworking skills evaluated against industry approved performance standards, leading to multiple levels of credentials. More benefits are available to companies by subscribing to the WCA INDustry™ membership program, or to schools as a WCA EDUcation™ member.

 Your Benefits . . .

Registry = Your Official Records

Plant Owner = Performance Standards and Rewards

Woodworker = National Credential for Achievements

Educator = Industry Endorsed Skills and Certificates

New Hire = Career Path and Recognition

Forums = Your Place to Talk Shop


For the first time students and educators of woodwork manufacturing can benefit from industry standards to earn industry credentials. By subscribing as EDUcation™ members, schools qualify for shop materials and training aids, as well as the special certificate designed just for students. Learn more


Reduce the frustration of looking for skilled employees. Applicants carrying a WCA Passport have skills verified by Accredited Skill Evaluators using  industry standards. Their credentials give you confidence that you’re hiring a productive and skilled employee. Or, subscribe as an INDustry™ member and use the program to recognize the achievements of your current employees. Learn more…

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Several prominent advanced woodworking firms tested the first-in-the-industry Woodwork Skill Standards. Here’s a sample of what they had to say:
DeLeers Millwork – “Most everything in the book is relevant to our company. Book is clear and well laid out.”
Central Plains Millwork – “I feel it gives a great way to evaluate our workforce and a company as a whole and was easy to follow.”
Rowland Woodworking – “I think the Standards Book is extremely easy to use and has a good variation of typical tools used in most woodworking companies. . . . it will help our company . . . qualify new employees, train existing employees, and . . . as an evaluation tool for merit based raises.”
TMI Systems Design Corporation – “The (three) levels work well and the whole process was pretty simple once we got started.”
Wisconsin Built – “I think you hit the nail on the head.”
Louisville Lumber – “What I really did like about this exercise is that it gave me a tool to take to the shop floor to open discussions with employees. We were able to talk about operations, procedures, and safety. My employees were anxious to see how they performed and it provides a measurable goal to reach a higher level.”

The Woodwork Career Alliance of North America

© 2013-2014 The Woodwork Career Alliance of North America (WCA) A 501(c)(3) non-profit charity actively promoting a skilled workforce for the advanced woodworking industry. Use the HELP menu above to talk to us. We are run by a Board of volunteer directors. Our office is maintained at P.O. Box 636, Nellysford, VA 22958-0636, in the Central Virginia Blue Ridge.

In case you need help

Here are several ways to contact us.

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Evaluators, Owners, Managers, Teachers, or Students are always welcome to Contact Us for support on the programs, using this site, or the WCA Registry.


We’ve created some short online eLearning courses you will find interesting. If you have questions about them use the CONTACT US button. We’ll try to get right back to you.

Talk and Share

We are building a peer-to-peer support group here at the WCA Forum. Post, Participate, Ask Questions, or just Lurk.

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