FAQ – Fervently Answered Questions

We’re eager to answer your questions, receive your comments, and incorporate your suggestions for improvements. The Skill Standards and the Passport and Credential Programs will never be finished completely. There will always be things we can make better. Help us, won’t you?

Visit the WCA Forums and have your say.

Start by calling Scott Nelson, President @ (402) 610-6043. He’ll know the answer or know who knows (most times).

The WCA is something of a menu-driven operation. You can order what you want and need from the menu of offerings, and only pay for those things. The basic cost of enrolling and getting your Passport is the foundation. Everyone does it. After that, it’s up to you.

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is we are a small, volunteer-run 501(c)(3) non-profit. We have no back office help. We understand the “invoice” issues. There is a fast, easy way to do it.

When checking out, merely choose “pay by check” from the options. You will get an automated response which is the Invoice. Print that page, and either pay by check or use it to generate the internal payment process best suited to your organization. Let me know if this doesn’t work for you [info@woodworkcareer.org], and we’ll come up with a Plan B.

That’s why we’d like YOU to help us by using a credit card, a debit card, or PayPal to buy things and pay fees. You WILL get an acknowledgment in the return email, which can be used to record the purchase and/or file for reimbursement.

We’ll be flexible. If there’s a logical, legitimate reason for a refund, we’ll see you get your money.

As a small, all-volunteer organization we’ve done pretty well in supporting our participants. If things go along as they are, you will always have email and telephone support. Email info@woodworkworkcareer.org.

Yep, that happens. When you run up against it, PLEASE let us know what page the broken link is living on. Tell us information you were trying to find, too. Use the CONTACT US form for easiest and most reliable communication. (and, THANKS!)

This happens when your internet connection can’t keep up with your ability to click a link. It usually resets to the page or link you wanted to go to when you merely refresh your browser window. For Macs = Cmd-r; for most Win = Ctl-r. In any event you can often ask for a refresh by clicking on a icon on the top of your screen (slightly different for each browser).

You may see this notice when searching for WCA on the web. Our site, like many others, is subjected to frequent attacks by hackers. We have a robust system of detection and blocking in place. Some search engines will “cache” the hacked note for a number of days after we’ve cleaned and blocked the attack.

If you have any worries about ordering or downloading from our site, email your name and phone # to info@woodworkcareer.org and ask for a return phone call.

FAQ didn’t solve your problem?

Here are several ways to contact us

Need Support?

INDustry™ and EDUcation™ member firms, as well as all Passport holders have first call on the Officers and Board of the Woodwork Career Alliance. The central clearing house for support starts with an email using the CONTACT page here on the site. That email goes directly to Officers of WCA. They’ll get back to you with the next step.

Check Forum

We’re building an active support and collaboration FORUM here on the site. For the first few months it will be kind of sparse. As more and more of you contribute, both with questions and answers, as well as suggestions, it will improve.