Application for Accredited Skill Evaluator

Confidentiality of Information: Information supplied by an individual or employer is for the confidential use of the Woodwork Career Alliance and will not be disclosed without the written permission of the individual or employer concerned.

Upon acceptance the Applicant will be eligible to enroll in and complete ASE training. Please verify accuracy of the information before submitting; inaccuracies on this form may be reflected your permanent record.

WCA Skill Evaluator Requirements:

• Evaluators may be skilled tradespersons, machinery technicians, production supervisors, woodworking educators, or anyone possessing expertise in the skills being evaluated and meeting the WCA criteria.

1. Individuals may apply for or be nominated by Members of the WCA board, or associated industry partners, to be an Accredited Skill Evaluator.

2. Skill Evaluators will be required to agree to a professional ethics agreement (below).

3. Skill Evaluators will complete a training process which includes a face to face component.

4. Skill Evaluators agree to receive, read, and act on WCA email communications to maintain active status.