By Rich Christianson

It’s a happy and fortuitous coincidence that Quickscrews International Corp. and the Woodwork Career Alliance of North America (WCA) are each celebrating milestone anniversaries this year.

Quickscrews of Livermore, CA, is sporting a new logo to commemorate its 30th anniversary as a leading manufacturer of specialty fasteners for the wood products industry. The WCA is observing its 10th anniversary of developing woodworking skills standards and promoting the role those standards play to help individuals build successful woodworking careers.

Quickscrews has been a supporter of the WCA’s Essential Donor program since its inception. The company has provided a free shipment of specialty woodworking screws to high schools and post-secondary woodworking programs throughout the United States and Canada in each of the last three years.

In its latest show of support for the WCA, Quickscrews is sponsoring a poster that will be shipped to all WCA EDUcation institutions. The “Anatomy of a Quickscrew” poster illustrates the key considerations to choose the correct fastener for a project from drive type, head style and length to thread type, point style and finish. The various combinations of these attributes multiply to more than 900 different products offered by Quickscrews.

“We’ve been supplying the woodworking and cabinet industry for 30 years,” said Jared Wiener, Vice President of Marketing for Quickscrews. “By supporting the younger generation of up-and-coming woodworkers and cabinetmakers we can give back to the industry that we have benefited from for a very long time.

“We know there is a need to increase the long-term stability of the wood industry’s workforce,” Wiener continued. ”We are strongly encouraging this goal and expect to continue to promote, grow and improve the industry we all belong to.”

Quickscrews was founded in 1987 by Jared’s father Greg Wiener as a local wholesaler of products for the furniture and cabinet industries. Now known as Quickscrews International, the company has grown in size and stature. In addition to its Livermore headquarters, Quickscrews operates a warehouse in South Carolina to better serve East Coast customers.

“Over the years we have introduced nine different and unique screw designs to the industry,” Wiener said. “Each of these products improved the user’s ability in either function or form or to lower product costs.”

Quickscrews recently invested in making its website as easy as possible for customers to find and order the screws they need. “Multiple online tools have been added for the users’ experience and ease,” Wiener said. “The site features one-click tracking, quick order/search of part numbers and our amazing new Filter and Icon system. You can see live inventory and costs. After you place your order we guarantee same or next day shipping.”

Quickscrews is gearing up for the 2017 AWFS Fair, July 19-22 in Las Vegas. A full complement of products will be on display and knowledgeable personnel will be on hand to answer questions at the Quickscrews booth #4250.

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