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WCA: Setting the Standard for Professional Woodworkers

How the Woodwork Career Alliance’s credential Passport program can turn a mere job into a rewarding career. Assemble 10 randomly selected wood product executives into a room and ask, “What is your company’s number one concern?” Odds are at least nine of them will respond, “Finding productive woodworkers.” The skilled worker shortage is a universal […]

CMA to Host Event at the MiLL in Colorado

The Cabinet Makers Association (CMA) will host a regional event on Friday, Nov. 9 in Colorado Springs, CO. The one-day event will be held at the MiLL National Training Center and include a tour of Concepts in Millwork. The MiLL is a WCA EDUcation™ member; the CMA is an Association Partner of the WCA. “Many of […]

WMIA Educator Award Honors Industry’s ‘Unsung Heroes’

The annual award program has brought well-deserved recognition to woodworking instructors and schools, including many EDUcation® members of the Woodwork Career Alliance. In accepting the 2018 WMIA Educator of the Year Wooden Globe Award, Joe Davis, woodworking instructor of the Dale Jackson Career Center, became the seventh representative of the Woodwork Career Alliance of North […]