Tool stamps (Points) lead to Certificates and Credentials. WCA maintains a record of each Woodworker’s points and provides verification to educators or employers as requested by the Woodworker. Students in a WCA accredited school can earn the Sawblade Certificate before the Green Credential.

Every Passport holder/candidate must pass the BASIC Layout and Measurement Skill evaluations before earning any additional Points.

An experienced Woodworker with the requisite experience hours can test DIRECTLY to any Credential without progressing through the series (Green, Blue, Red, Gold, Diamond). Contact the WCA office to create a custom career path. Your achievements are recorded in the WCA REGISTRY.

Click on the images below to learn more about each Credential’s requirements.

Sawblade Certificate

Sawblade Certificate

The Board of Directors seeks input on the development of the process and system for experienced woodworker to apply and qualify for the Red, Gold, or Diamond Credential based on their work history. Please use the CONTACT form when you are interested in helping or making a suggestion.