The heart of the Program is the Accredited Skill Evaluator. There are over 190 in North America, and we are recruiting and training more every month.

CLICK BELOW to download the 3-page Policy PDF-140 KB.

2015 WCA Evaluator Policy

Three Types of Accredited Skill Evaluator

1 of 3 - In-House ASE

People in the company who, usually along with other jobs, run the evaluations for other employees on a regular or as-needed basis. They may or may not work as Contract Accredited Skill Evaluators for other organizations.

2 of 3 - Contract ASE

Independent contractors who arrange with individuals, firms, or schools to conduct evaluations, usually in the company or school facility. Their compensation is negotiated between the parties, and no part of it goes back to the Woodwork Career Alliance.

3 of 3 - Educator ASE

Teachers of woodwork manufacturing usually serve as the Accredited Skill Evaluator for their programs. As a normal part of regular student evaluations they record WCA Points for those students holding Passports. Some serve as Contract ASEs for other organizations.

Click on the four simple steps below to become an Accredited Skill Evaluator. You MUST complete Steps 1, 2, and 3 BEFORE attending the Step 4 – Hands-on accreditation class.

Step 1 - Enroll

Step 2 - Apply

  • STEP 2 – Apply for a Skill Evaluator accreditation (incl. in price of enrollment/Passport)
  • Download your application at the link below.

    WCA Evaluator Application

    When you have completed your application, either in printed form or on the screen using Acrobat, email to or snail mail to:
    Woodwork Career Alliance
    P.O. Box 636
    Nellysford, VA  22958-0636

Step 3 - Online Training

Candidates are required to take the FREE (for now) online course before you attend the Hands-On Training session. Use the Step 3 – Online Training hot link above to go to the course. You MUST be signed in/registered here on the website to complete the course and quiz. Press the “My Account” link at the top of any page to sign on.

Print your own “Certificate of Achievement” at the conclusion of the course if you earn 80% or better on the quiz. Present your Certificate to your Hands-On Training instructor when you attend the Shop portion of the accreditation program to get credit for your work.


Step 4 - Hands-On Training

Skill Evaluator Candidate Hands-On Training Class

When your application above has been accepted and you have been notified of available classes, you can visit the training events page. The ASE Training Fee includes a full copy of the Woodwork Manufacturing Skill Standards book, a copy of the Handbook for Skill Evaluators, access to the Assessment Form library, other handouts, and (once in a while) lunch at the Training Day activity.

ASE Patch Proof Small — Accredited Skill Evaluators have exclusive access special areas of the WCA REGISTRY.

They can download the full set of current Assessment Forms using the button below. The Password (required) changes from time to time. When you need forms, email for the current password.

To learn about Hands-on Training Dates and Sites, click the Hands-0n Training button below the map.

The Accredited Skill Evaluators are all independent contractors, working on their own time and fee schedule. The Woodwork Career Alliance does not direct them in any way. We do provide links on our database to Skill Evaluators near any Passport holder who would like to hire them for assessments and evaluations, and recommend them as we get requests. Evaluators also grow their own business by promoting the Passport program, and thereby their services, to local firms and/or schools who don’t have an in-house Evaluator.