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Registry Quick Start

RegistryLogInShotA series of short, to-the-point lessons about using the official database, called the WCA Registry. Your username and password for the Registry may be different than the one you use on this website. Feel free to change one or the other in your profile pages so they are both the same.

Lessons must be taken in order. Many folks run the Lessons on their phone or tablet, while logged in to the Registry on their laptop or desktop computer.

Once taken you can return to any lesson any time.

Sawblade Certificate Online Quiz

SawBlade Student Quiz

Not a really Course, but a simple multiple choice quiz of 40 Questions to test the knowledge of student woodworkers gained from their instructors and reading on their own. Press the SAWBLADE to the left to start. Sign on. Read the instructions. You’ll be done in no time.

ASE Course

COURSE GOAL: To reduce the amount of “classroom” time required at the face-to-face, hands-on training session.

Log In to the WCA site or Register as a new user. Select ASE Course. Go for it.